A Taste of Haute Couture

To celebrate the new season of PFW Haute Couture, I decided that was time to give you a taste of my favorites fashion shows! And to do that, I created some motion collages, that you can check in more detail in my personal portfolio here.

So let's start with Dior! I have to be honest, when Maria Grazia Chiuri became part of the Dior fashion house, I was a bit affraid! I loved the work of Raf Simons (so I didn't want him to leave!) and I thought that she would bring to much Valentino with her. In the beginning, she didn't captivate my attetntion, but in this latest fahion show I saw how she elevated the Dior history and heritage! In parallel, I loved the freshness of the set design made (as usual) by Bureau Betak (my ultimate favorite studio in the world!).

Moving on to Rodarte, well... I loved it! It was so feminine and girly! I felt that the models where part of the nature or that they were from another generation and they were hanging around in the garden! I don't know, it made me think in so many imaginary universes and even historic movies! It was truly beautiful!

In many of my projects, I always talk about Iris Van Herpen. I think is one of the leading designer in the Haute Couture week, because she truly creates art pieces that we can wear! Besides, they are always so technologic and futuristic that stands out from the otehr shows! The set design of this season was a bit scary (I die of fear thinking about being under water!) but it created a more alternative and mystirous moods that goes along with the incredible pieces that Iris created!

In the last few seasons, I found myself talking in a very critical way about Chanel. I don't understand or see the evolution of the brand! I really like all the brand history and the presence of Coco Chanel in everything (there's a meaning in every piece), but I feel that the silluetes are always the same that I expect them to be! But apart from the collection itself... when Chanel do a show, IT'S A BIG SHOW! And this time they brought Eiffel tower with it! I think it's my favorite set design from Chanel so far!

About the other shows? They were all made of cute, feminine and sexy dresses. I didn't see that much Haute Couture or even imagination. Apart... from Maison Margiela! It was a crazy show! But I liked the concept of the working in process and the atelier presence in the show! I just didn't understand the shampoo on the hair... maybe is a new trend! Girls, don't wash the hair! Leave it that way! (No, don't do it...please!)


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